The Boys
                       Seasydes Points East
                      DOB: may 11, 2012
   Ch Dobe's Den Seasyde  Rango X Seasyde Lady Gaga

     CH Seasyde Black Ice
         DOB: Nov  23,2012
Seasyde Edgehill Heart of Gold  x  Dobe's Den Hot Shot
For many years Lloyd and I have been interested in the Pointer breed but did not think that we would
ever  become owners of this magnificent breed one day .  I admired them from afar but  then  I met up
with 2 ladies from New Brunswick that were showing their beauties. They were beautiful dogs and
being around them and first hand seeing how loving this breed is only made me want one even more.
After a search for the right breeder  we were placed on a waiting list, and finally after a  couple years
the right boy became available to us .  In July of 2012 we welcomed  Griffin to Nova Scotia  and as the
saying goes , Pointers are like potato chips , you can't stop at just 1,  so in  September 2013  Trump
became a member of our family.  I need to say a huge Thank You to Helyne Medeiros of
Pointers for  allowing these 2 boys to come to Nova Scotia and to our home.
I believe these 2 were meant to be together, they are inseparable, where you find one you find the
other . These 2 run and play and when they are tired ( not sure when that is )  they cuddle up together
or pile on one another and sleep. You will see below a few candid pictures of the boys. If you want to
lean more about this breed please go to   
 American Pointer Club Inc.
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